Back to healthiest self

Health has always been one of my big priorities. I like feeling healthy! I know most people like feeling  healthy. Sometimes we get in ruts where it’s hard to make the right choices that keep us healthy and sometimes we go so long without feeling healthy we forget how good it is. I’m not talking about just being free of an illness. I’m also talking about being free of any minor aches and pains or inflamation and having a clear happy mind. And I’m talking about being physically fit and able to do the things you love.

About four years ago I made up my mind to share what I know about health with others. I wanted to be a health coach so I enrolled in the Institute of integrative nutrition online. I loved it, but with being newly pregnant for the first time and healthy food making me feel sick I was challenged. I craved pizza, Burgers, and cereal. However, I was still determined to make the healthiest choices I could and become a health coach. But, then the baby was born and juggling my cute new little guy with my full-time job made starting another job too much. I made the healthy decision to put it off. Then I got pregnant again and had different unhealthy cravings. This time sugars! I indulged in the craving  too often and became addicted to sugar. Now four months postpartum I’m determined to kick the cravings and lose the 20 pounds that won’t budge. I also plan to overcome my SI issues and start running again. I’m determined to get back to my healthiest self  for me and my family. Follow me if you too would like to find your healthiest self.