4 best ways to make sure vacation with baby is good

Vacationing with a baby isn’t always relaxing and there can be moments one wishes they were home instead. However, if you follow these three recommendations you can insure an easier, more restful vacation. 

  1. Make sure you bring or are able to get essential items that make life easier and more fun for you. For example:  a booster seat or high chair so you can have your arms free for meal time, baby monitor that will reach to the pool ( phone apps are great), formula or pump and a bottle so you have freedom to drink or go out without the baby. If you have other freeing recommendations please comment on them. 
  2. Keep your exercise routine if you have one or start one. Get others to help watch the kid(s) because it’s worth getting to spend “you” time in a healthy way. You’ll feel more energized and relaxed. And, no one can refuse to help you be healthier. If it’s hard to carve out the time just dedicate 15 minutes for a full workout. Dailyburn.com has great short workouts and you can take it anywhere there is wifi. 
  3. Don’t worry about time and stop “shoulding” on yourself. That being said, keep baby on a schedule for your own sanity, but otherwise forget about it for yourself and the more adaptable ones. Forget calories (especially if you’re exercising). Don’t worry about TV time, alphabet learning, things at home, and so on. 
  4. Unplug. Allow yourself some quiet screen time without guilt, but make sure it’s not sucking up your day or making decisions for you. If your so wrapped up in writing your blog as the sun is setting and you forget to watch the sunset you need to reevaluate your screen time (whoops!). Also, intentionally set a majority of the day as “screen free” time so that you can be active in your vacation setting. 

Most importantly do what you need to do to make sure you and your family are healthy and happy


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