Putting Pasta in its Place

cropped-img_3638.jpgI know that pasta has gotten a bad wrap lately, but it still holds many merits in my book. Not only is it guaranteed to be eaten by my picky kid, it’s also easy to cook and a great vehicle for eating vegetables.  And, if cooked and eaten correctly it’s not that bad for us.

Pasta is definitely something that should be eaten in moderation. In fact, Dr. Weil recommends we eat pasta like the Italians do, which means we serve ourselves one third of our usual portion. Furthermore, it should be cooked al dente (fancy words) by cutting down the cooking time  by a couple minutes to keep it more firm and reduce its glycemic index.

I generally cook pasta one night a week. I save it for the nights I know I need to make something fast and won’t have the energy to cook something extravagant (not that pasta can’t be made extravagant).  I try to load the veggies on thick to insure less pasta consumption and more nutritious vegetable consumption (also recommended by Dr. Weil).  Spinach is a quick and easy vegetable to add.  Some nights I even resort to a jar of spaghetti sauce, but I always make sure there’s no added sugar.   An unconventional but highly tasty ingredient that I recommend to add to pasta is avocados.  Here’s a great, quick recipe on the website Oh She Glows.

So go enjoy pasta in moderation. Eat it and love it… no guilty feelings!


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