Money Matters

pexels-photo-221534.jpegMy relationship with money has been an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes I’ve loved it and other times I’ve despised it so much I wished it were never invented. Nonetheless, money (or lack of money) is going to be in my life forever…like the ultimate ball in chain.  So, I guess it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with it.

The first thing I know I need to do is try to see money as a good and important thing and try not to go into my dark feelings of contempt for it, because contempt is the most harmful emotion for any relationship. I’d even like to work on visualizing money coming to me and see if that works. So instead of ignoring it I’ll start fantasizing about it. I’m sure I’ll need to be careful there too because I don’t want to be too consumed with thoughts on money.

I also know that I need to wear the pants in my relationship with money. So the second thing I’ll do is get my budget really organized and challenge myself to cut down on spending.  I’m going to make sure money does what I want it to! If I harness the power of money then I can save it for big things like cars for my boys, dream vacations, college for my boys, and retirement.

I’ve already gone through and canceled spending on things that aren’t that necessary, like cable (Netflix has all that I need).  My next challenge is seeing how cheap I can get healthy food. Stay posted and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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