Save Time with Salmon

food-salmon-teriyaki-cooking.jpgI have two young boys and a husband who travels A LOT! When he’s not around to help me with dinner I know I need something that’s easy and allows me to be sure my 3 year old doesn’t give my 9 month old a concussion.  I also want whole and healthy foods. It’s been a challenge and I’ve found that my meat intake has increased because it’s so easy to cook. As an environmentalist and health freak raised as mostly a vegetarian the lots of meat worries me a little. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s worthwhile adding healthy, low-mercury fish to the menu every week. Sockeye salmon is my absolute fav!

There are so many great and quick salmon recipes on the web and roasting or steaming a vegetable for the side is a simple task. Tonight I made a pesto crusted salmon that I found on Delish D’Lites. I cheated with store bought pesto which made prep time about 5 minutes. I also steamed some broccoli (came chopped  into bight size pieces from Costco)  and added a little pesto for flavor. My picky 3 year old ate everything off his plate. I was amazed!

If you’re looking for affordable ways to get sustainable salmon into your diet Costco often has sockeye salmon for half the price of most places. The only problem is you have to get a large tray. However, I bring home the large tray, slice up the salmon and stick a couple pieces in the freezer for later. Saves time to not have to go back to the store too.  Please let me know if you have any quick salmon recipes you’d like to share.



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