Plan a Date

sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgIt’s Valentine’s Day and I hope you and your partner are making each other feel special. Having kids can make romance disappear if you let it. I think too many couples forget about their relationship in the midst of their child rearing. It takes willpower and planning to make sure one maintains their relationship.  Sometimes it can also take some deep breathing and adjustment to thinking. If you feel romance has fizzled take today’s holiday as a reminder to relight the fire.

Break out a calendar and schedule 2 dates a month. If money is an issue get creative with your date. Night hikes or low-key restaurants can be more fun than the cliche dinner date at a nice restaurant. My husband and I have been know to bring grocery store sushi and a bottle of wine to a parking lot with a nice view. We’ll just sit their talking and relaxing together (I’m not risky enough to get frisky). It’s nice to get away from responsibilities together.  Remember that your relationship and fun time is worth investing in.

Buy each other gifts too. My husband and I went years without buying each other gifts because our big home purchases were said to be each other’s gifts. Like when we got a new refrigerator that was enough gift for both of us for an entire year… at least. But then we both realized we missed surprising and being surprised so we’ve agreed to spend small amounts on each other ($15) for all gifting occasion.  We don’t get each other junk either. It’s amazing how many low cost items there are that we both feel like we’d enjoy. I’m pretty sure he got me The Little Book of Hyge, which I’ve been really wanting. I got him wireless headphones (I spent a little more than I was supposed to).

If you don’t like being around your partner, it’s probably because you’ve let negative thoughts fester. Read some relationship books and get over it. It’s worth finding what you used to have (as long as it was good), and let your partner be who they are along with all their imperfections.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is chock full of romance. If it’s not, set your intentions now to get some romance back into your life.




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