The Bright Side of Vanity

pexels-photo-289225.jpegVanity is not all bad. I had this realization tonight, as I was slathering on cream, that it’s vanity that keeps me taking care of myself. I admittedly don’t want to age. I want to look 27 forever (even though I’m close to a full decade beyond that).

It’s harder to stay young forever with kids (although in some ways they do keep us young).  And it’s really hard to take care of oneself with kids. However, it is so important for our kids that we take care of ourselves. We need to be good role models and be around with the energy that they’ll  need from us. Also, don’t forget a happy mama makes happy kids.

Here are some ideas for speedy self-care to keep you young looking:

– don’t worry about blow drying  your hair. Do an Internet search for good quick hairstyles done without heat. Here’s a good link.¶ms=OAFIAVgB&v=F70rOdDf4II&mode=NORMAL

– slather on the lotion. It feels refreshing and self pampering while it’s good for your skin.

– drink tons of water. Especially if you’re breast-feeding. It will keep you feeling your best, is good for your body, and ensures you have plenty of milk for your little one.

-Cut sugar and other inflammatory foods out of your diet. I highly recommend whole 30. It’s like a reset button when you’re involved  with nasty food habits. Your mind will feel free and your body will feel lighter with good food habits.

– learn quick meditations. You could even involve your kids when you get the hang of it. Learning to relax will take years off of you and make you a much happier/ on-top-of-it parent. Headspace is a great app.

– exercise! No excuses! You dread it sometimes and it’s even worse when your three-year-old wants to jump on you while you’re doing sit-ups, but carve out time, even if you lose a little bit of sleep time to get some form of exercise in. See if you can involve your kids to make it easier. They make good bench weights.  More on that later…

– Finally, Sleep! Hahaha… I laugh as I type this. I know it’s the hardest thing to do when you’ve got young kids, but it’s worth being mindful about. I’ll  suggest ideas from time to time on this blog.

Don’t  feel guilty for giving yourself  a little bit of time to take care of yourself.  Ask others, like your partner, to take over for an hour so  you can do something for you.


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