Creativity: The Best “Me Time”!

pexels-photo-458381.jpegI’m feeling inspired! First of all, I have an amazing sister-in-law who has more energy than most and is in a time of major transition that could turn some upside down. She, however, is being turned right side up and is blooming like a Dahlia and is encouraging other’s to bloom as greatly. Second, I’m in the middle of reading an impactful book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m so grateful for that woman’s insight. Creativity is important and if it’s not being engaged in with confidence it’s something easily forgotten. Big Magic has inspired my sense of power, liveliness, and joy and given me a great, quick way to get “me time”.  I’ve been reminded to live with intention and create with joy.  This means instead of sitting on the couch and being a passive watcher of a screen I’m choosing to create before I go to bed. I suppose the best word to describe this is “passion”!

I highly recommend that all you moms  and dads resolve to start creating during your few moments of down time.  There are so many ways to create. If you aren’t sure how to get there then read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book or search for a video, movie or song you think will inspire you. Think of the things that you really enjoy; cooking, drawing, writing, poetry, photography, temporary nature art, dance…the list goes on. Devote time, even if it’s a few minutes. And follow Elizabeth Gilbert’s advise and accept the fear of creating but don’t let it in on any decision making.

Don’t let the creativity stop there.  Bring it into your time with your kids.  Encourage them to create! Create together! I recommend you start with a few good tunes and a dance party. Have fun!


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