On a plane

pexels-photo-615060.jpegI’m on a plane surrounded by strangers. Besides being exhausted from my normal life and the fact it’s past my bedtime, I’m embracing my alone time. It’s hard leaving my still-nursing 5 month-old and many moments prior to leaving I thought about toting him along with me. In the end I’ve decided the best thing was to leave him with his dad.

I haven’t yet gotten excited, but I know when I wake up at my friends house tomorrow morning ( after uninterrupted sleep) I’ll be happy about my decision. I’m sure I’ll miss my little boys something fiercely and I’ll worry a little about my husband being able to parent alone. Nonetheless, I’ll be having unthwarted fun…responsible for only myself.
After two full days of me-time/ girl-time I’ll be back on the plane eager to hold my boys and reguvinated.  I’ll be a happier, healthier mom ready to keep up with the little stinkers. The boys will benefit. My husband will be exhausted, but he’ll have the bonding experience that comes with being the sole caretaker of 2 little ones. In the end it’s best for my whole family.


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